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How to Learn AutoCAD for Free And Online

By admin , in EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY , at January 25, 2021

AutoCAD Course

This free online AutoCAD course is one of the most complete and effective there are today. It is basically a remote AutoCAD course that is designed so that workers and freelancers can specialize in the use of the software.

Classes will address topics related to 2D design, both industrially, in drawing plans and interiors. It will then move on to using the tools necessary for 3D modeling, taking into account the presentation of the projects, which ends the sessions.

The course lasts 90 hours. Its class distribution is intended for those workers who have a lot of time for study, but aspire to prepare with AutoCAD. It’s simply required to make contact with the research center and select one of those places..

AUTOCAD Higher Course. Basic Level

It is an online and remote AutoCAD course, which is aimed at workers and freelancers. It has no cost, as it is subsidized so that interested parties can specialize in the use of the most used software for 2D design.

His classes are divided into 15 themes. Because it covers only the basic level, it is a course that helps those who do not have any knowledge about the program. It explains from its interface the drawing tools and tools essential for its use.

As a benefit, your learning allows you to know, from the lowest level, the correct working methods, including the organization and planning of design projects.

Advanced AutoCAD Course

If you have already had experience with the AutoCAD program, but want to know in depth all its tools, especially in 3D modeling for different designs and structures, then this free online course is the one you need.

It is one of the most complex as it explains to the software according to its professional possibilities. The first block of topics is focused on teaching techniques and tools dedicated to architecture; the second, urban planning and such projects, such as plots; the third, to industrial design and the creation of parts necessary for this area.

Due to its great thoroughness and degree of specialization, it is a course that professionals from these areas can take. In fact, it’s dedicated to workers. It’s a free online AutoCAD course, because it’s subsidized.

Upon completion, the worker will be able to have the basic knowledge for the design and development of 2D drawings and a concrete knowledge of 3D modeling.

AutoCAD 2D Course

For those who are interested in a free online AutoCAD course, this is an excellent option. It is focused exclusively on the tools that the software poses for 2Ddesign and drawing, making it extremely simple and practical.

It is aimed at workers and freelancers. It is free and does not require prior knowledge about this software,since it starts classes with an apprenticeship on the basic notions of the program, its installation, configuration and teaching about the commands most used in it.

From there we detail the essential tools to learn about design in two dimensions. Its online methodology helps make it easy to understand, especially by using practices to evaluate what you’ve learned.

The course lasts 60 hours, which are adapted to the needs of each student, understanding that most are people who have jobs during the daily day.

AutoCAD course for beginners

As the name implies, it is an online AutoCAD course designed for beginners. This does not require the cancellation of a license plate either, because it is free.

All its classes are based on five units that make up the agenda. They cover topics such as the introduction to AutoCAD software, its configuration on a computer and the learning of its essential elements:interface, bars, commands, settings, viewing modes, etc.

The following are related to 2D drawing, creating both simple and complex figures, editing them, including external references, files, images and finally printing the created projects.

Thanks to the didactics of the course it is not necessary to possess any prior knowledge to perform it and start learning.

AutoCAD 2014 3D Course

This free online AutoCAD course is specific to the 2014 version of the software. However, because it shares many features with similar ones, the skills can be applied to nearby versions.

The design of your classes is focused on learning 3Dtools, which are of great help in designing plans, complex objects, large architectural designs and many more. For this purpose it consists of five modules, the last being the creation of real images, for which you learn the rendering process.

It lasts 60 hours. During this time, both workers and freelancers can venture into learning these new tools that apply to different sectors of work. Each module has a specific number of topics, which helps to understand each class.

It is a free course with online methodology. That is, it does not require a cost and can be done at the desired time, following the instructions of a teacher or tutor.