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We Tested The New Movistar Wifi 6 Router And We Did Not Expect This Performance

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The new Movistar WiFi 6 router is already a reality for all customers of the Spanish operator. Although it was introduced about 7 months ago, reaching some 5,000 customers at first, now all the company’s users can request it for 50 euros, if it is self-installed, or 100 euros, if a technician is needed.

In any case, we have already been able to test it, and after the different tests we have carried out, it can be said that we did not expect this performance. In this case, we are going to see its main characteristics in detail, but we are going to talk about strong and weak points that we have been able to clarify after having tried this new model of Movistar router .

Analysis Of The New Movistar Router Smart Wifi 6, Revolution In Wifi Speed

Highlights of the Movistar WiFi 6 router

The best ones compared to the previous model, Movistar’s HGU, are clear. First of all, it offers us 25% more coverage , and not only this, but it also multiplies the speed by 3.5 and has 40% more capacity so that we can have more devices connected. Therefore, for all those customers of the operator who need a better connection and more coverage, this is the best option.

WiFi, for example, improves a lot, thanks to the new WiFi 6 standard, especially if WiFi clients support this new standard and have 160 MHz channel width. And what to say about the speed and coverage of the wireless network of this new model. Both the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band manage to give us fairly homogeneous coverage. But, as we could expect, the 5 GHz band manages to give us that extra speed that the 2.4 GHz band does not have.

moviestar wifi router

In our case, by having the 5 GHz band in the 160 MHz channel width, we have achieved download speeds of up to 930 Mbps and upload speeds of more than 820 Mbps (the fiber line is 1 Gbps). This model is even capable of offering us symmetrical 1 Gbps via WiFi if we are in the same room. So the performance in terms of coverage and speeds has pleasantly surprised us.

And if we go to the tests that we have done LAN-LAN, the truth is that its performance is also more than we could expect. For example, we have achieved high wired performance with up to 1000 concurrent TCP threads, achieving a speed of 112 MB/s. And not only this, to test it further, we put 10 simultaneous downloads on qBittorrent. In this way, we verified that it used the maximum of the 1 Gbps fiber line. If you need to know more about these tests, we leave you here the complete analysis of the Movistar de Redes Zone router .

Among other details that you may be interested in knowing is that both the basic and advanced firmware have the same options as always from Movistar. In addition, this model comes with a physical WPS button for each frequency band . Like it also has a button to turn WiFi on and off in each frequency band.

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Weakest points of the new router

It is clear that, no matter how much this new router offers us, it is not entirely perfect. For example, something that we miss in this operator’s equipment is that it does not have a single 2.5 G Multigigabit port . Something that, right now, is more than usual in routers. Therefore, if you had in mind to use it for the LAN and connect a computer with a compatible network card, with the Movistar WiFi 6 router, you will not be able to do it.

Among other details that we have been able to verify personally, is that we do not have USB ports . So forget about sharing files on the local network and the Internet through this port. And neither does it allow us to configure the full bridge mode to put a neutral router with Triple VLAN FTTH.

In addition to the fact that the firmware does not incorporate interesting services such as, for example, a VPN server. Something that other manufacturers do tend to add, as is the case of ASUS or AVM. Finally, as we mentioned before, when using the 160 MHz channel width , the truth is that we have verified how they will only be used for downloading, and not uploading. In any case, this new model is almost perfect, leaving aside these details that we have just mentioned.