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7 Ways to Make Interesting Guest Posts!

By Venu Goud , in SEO , at March 4, 2023

How do I make a guest post?

A guest post, commonly called ‘guest post,’ ‘reader writing,’ or ‘reader writing,’ is writing or content created by a blogger that is then published on another person’s blog or website.

Did you Find that there are many benefits that you can get by using guest posts? Among them are expanding the audience network, increasing website traffic, authority, and SEO.

Now, are you interested in doing this one marketing strategy? If you need clarification about where to start, you can start by reading the following review to the end. That way, you can understand ​​what you need to do!

7 Ways to Make Interesting Guest Posts

Since your goal of adding ‘guest posting’ is to increase traffic from your website, you need a strategy to get started. Here are seven ways you can start guest posting!

  • Find Website Partners

The first thing you need to do is find a website that you can partner with. In this case, you have to ensure the website is in the same niche as you.

List which websites might be right for you, then dig into any potential partners. You can find the information you need in the About Us section, FAQs, or the contact website of your potential partner.

Another option that you can use is to use the Google search page. You can search the “keyword” + “guest post” format to find websites with the same niche.

That way, you will get guest-post searches from websites that match the keywords you entered.

You need to know that not all websites contain readers’ writing. However, to be sure, you can save the website owner’s email address and send a message later.

  • Manage Guest Post Content Ideas

The second stage is that you need to manage content ideas for your writing. Here you need to brainstorm. Remembering that the writing or content you create must comply with partner guidelines would be best.

Because some websites usually have guidelines and conditions that you must meet. It can include writing or content topics, content guidelines, and appropriate keywords. Therefore, you need to comply with it and adjust accordingly.

Apart from that, you can also learn about the content strategy being implemented by blog owners by looking at the latest posts on their websites.

To make managing content ideas easier, check if they match your expertise. Update information related to niches that are trending on the topic of your writing.

So that blog owners can be satisfied with your performance, offering revisions to your writing or content is highly recommended if they need to follow their guidelines.

  • Submit Content Ideas

Once you have an idea for content or writing, you can submit it to blog voters. It would be better if you were previously acquainted with the blog owner or at least the editor on the website.

To submit content ideas to blog owners, you can do the following:

  • Using Custom Email

A professional email, like a business email, will make you appear more credible and professional.

  • Write More Personalized Emails

You can avoid templated emails, where the contents of the messages you send to the blog owner all have the same format. Please write the contents of the email with a more personal note.

  • Short, dense, and clear

You can shortly convey your wishes. Just convey it briefly, concisely, and clearly so that the blog owner doesn’t get tired of reading the contents of the email you send.

  • Include Content Ideas

You can also include content or writing ideas that you will create. It will be a plus if you include the writing you have made. This will help the blog owner to consider the offer you send.

  • Create Interesting and Quality Content

This is a very important step for you in guest posting. After your submitted idea is accepted, you must continue with interesting and quality content or writing.

To make your writing more interesting and superior to other writers, you can apply the following when you start creating content:

  • Create Unique Content

Unique content or writing will make your writing unique. With unique content, readers can recognize if you are the author just by reading the writing.

  • Understand the Search Purpose of Website Visitors 

The purpose of point one is that your content or writing must be able to answer questions from readers.

  • Use keywords for SEO.

This is good for increasing your writing traffic so that it can appear on the front page of Google searches. Therefore, you need to understand SEO applications well.

  • Adjust Niche Writing with Blog Partners

This is very important for you because guest posts on other people’s websites need to be created with the same formulation and vibe as the aspects on the blog.

If you have done the above, you also need to improve your writing so that readers feel comfortable reading your article.

Create a Catchy Title

Website visitors will view a post if it has an eye-catching title. This means that writing is able to attract and provoke the curiosity of visitors, so they take action to open the post.

Therefore, you need to arrange your content or write titles in an interesting way. Make sure your title can interest visitors in just one read.

There are various kinds of tips that you can use to be able to make interesting post titles. One way is to provoke the audience’s curiosity by showing the urgency of writing.

The external and internal links that you include in written content are called calls to action. This can increase the website’s SEO targets. 

In addition, by including this link, you will know very well about the blog where you post content. This opens up wider opportunities for your writing to be posted on the blog.

Not only do website owners benefit, but the external links that you embed in your content can also lead to referral traffic to your website. This is one of the benefits of guest posting for you.

You only need to make sure it doesn’t violate the rules given by the website owner.

Submit Your Writing

The final step is to send content to the blog owner you are partnering with. Before that, you need to make sure that there are no minor errors in your content.

Such as spelling mistakes or typos, broken links, and grammar, and if you include pictures in your writing content, make sure the pictures are clear.

4 Website Recommendations with Guest Posts for you

After learning how to guest post, we will now recommend a suitable website for you. Here are websites with various niches for blog partner consideration.


This platform is a content publisher that is in great demand by bloggers. Where Medium now has members of more than 170 million people who are members of it.

This website is more like social media when compared to websites in general. Here you can follow fellow authors. You can also see how posts will appear on the Medium feed

In addition, there is a “Clap” button to like the posts that appear. Isn’t Medium more like a social network than a typical website? What do you think? Would you like to guest post on Medium?

Beauty and Fashion Blog

Blogs with the beauty and fashion niche have topics such as fashion tips, product reviews, shopping guides, and the latest trends.

If you have a passion for this type of niche, several websites can accept guest posts, including POPSUGAR, which contains tutorials and reviews about beauty products.

The Everyday Man and Men Style Fashion focus on fashion, lifestyle, men’s health, and many others. 

Sports Blogs

Websites with this niche usually contain writing in the form of the latest news in the world of sports. This includes reporting on sports matches in various branches, athletics, to the player transfer market.

If you feel you fit this niche, you can peek at some of the following blogs to find out the terms of their reader posts. Fansided focuses on sports news packaged from the fans’ point of view.

Off The Post and Sportskeeda contain articles about major tournaments in sports. Also, there is SB Nation which has a niche similar to Fansided.

Food Blogs

Those of you who like culinary tourism and exploring the taste of food from one region to another might suit the niche of a food blog. Food blogs usually contain food reviews or also interesting and simple food recipes.

If you are interested in the niche of this article and want to be a guest post on a similar blog, we have recommended blogs for your consideration.

Menuism is a blog that discusses certain food content and recommendations for good places to eat. There is also Serious Eat, which contains content about dishes from various regions.

Finally, there is HuffPost. This one website is a big media where the contents are about analysis of food marketing strategies and cooking tips.

You have now come to the end of the review. Do you know about guest posting and how to become a guest post?

Maybe you feel there are so many things that you need to prepare and precise strategies to find targets as a guest post. For your problem, we have the solution.