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Reasons You Need to Master Social Media Advertising in the Next 3 Years

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This article will discuss why you need to learn social media advertising ASAP.

Social Media Advertising in the next three years will become a trend in the advertising world.

Display ads, also known as banner advertising and paid search, generally use search engines like Google. Both have their uniqueness and advantages. But seeing the growth that is happening, we agree that social media advertising will quickly become a strong player in online advertising.

Reasons You Need to Know Social Media Advertising!

Social media advertising skyrocketed in just a relatively short period.

When Facebook launched its first advertising option in May 2005, no one could have predicted that today in 2015, social media advertising revenue would be an estimated $8.4 billion. Yes, this was only obtained within ten years after introducing this advertising feature.

A significant number for an advertisement on the internet.

Online advertising is an absolute choice for modern businesses, but after the decline in the effectiveness of banner advertising, companies are starting to look for other online advertising alternatives.

Paid search is an excellent online advertising media to bring visitors to your website based on the user’s ‘intent’ (keywords searched by users).

But what if your customers never think about your product, so they won’t write those keywords in the Google search box?

They won’t find your business offering because they don’t think they need it. Therefore, they will not come to your website.

For example, when there is a shoe-drying product.

Has it ever crossed your mind that there is a tool that can dry shoes quickly and is very affordable in price, only 100 thousand? It will only be helpful if you try to use Google to sell it.

The reason, these products are very rarely thought of by many people.

Then, what if advertising your business is not for user intent but to create brand awareness?

In essence, social media advertising helps businesses find new potential customers by using social media user information to identify their interests.

Rather than targeting users searching for specific terms with their intent in mind, social media advertising can proactively target users who are relevant to the interests you have set, even before they start their search.

The difference between social media advertising and paid search is basically social media advertising. We display advertisements in front of people with interests as we have arranged. Then, does this advertisement have the potential to annoy the user?

The answer is no!

Because the advertisements we offer are not distributed freely, we spread it more targeted. For example, if you like digital marketing, you won’t mind not seeing advertisements about digital marketing.

Whereas in paid search, we target people who already have thoughts about what keywords to search for.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

The advantage of paid search is that the resulting conversions are, on average higher than social media advertising. The reason is that the user already intends to buy or find out about something he is looking for. During the drawback, we can not scale up on a paid search. The reason is that someone is only limited to doing a search on a keyword.

We cannot increase the number of people searching for a particular keyword.

Meanwhile, the advantage of social media advertising is that we can target more people with the limit of all social media users. This is done so that it is more targeted.

You need to understand the Social Media Advertising strategy with targeting features. And suppose you already understand the advantages of the targeting part. In that case, this is a significant advantage for you because this feature is supported by features targeting interest, conversion tracking, and prevalence on mobile devices.

Advanced Targeting Options

Because social media has all of its user data, it can target audiences in a broader scope than other online platforms, such as the user’s location.

Social Media Advertising has opened the door to a more profound interest.

You can use targeting methods based on user habits (e.g. pages liked) and who the person is friends with. Of course, if you are interested in digital marketing, then you will try to follow and add people who are experts in the field of digital marketing to your social media.

That way, this targeting can increase the relevance of advertising to your users or potential customers while providing a level of user personalization that cannot be achieved in other advertising media.

Here are four more advanced targeting features :

  • Targeting Interests

Target audience specifically by looking at the habits that are mostly done. For example, interests, activities, skills, pages they like, and many others.

Interest targeting is often related to keyword targeting. So, some platforms will allow you to enter both. The use of interest can be used for the public. For example, an industry (e.g. the automotive industry) or, more specifically, such as a product (e.g. furniture).

Available on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • Behaviour/Connection Targeting

With behavior targeting, you can reach people based on buyer behavior or the type of gadget they own. With connection targeting, you can target people interested in pages, apps, groups, or other events. Both types of targeting take habits from the user.

Available on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Targeting:

Target ads by uploading a list of email addresses, phone numbers, user IDs or usernames. Facebook calls this custom targeting the Custom Audience, while  Twitter calls it the Tailored Audience.

Social media is usually based on the same concept. If you have a list database and want to target that person on social media, then you upload the database and target them directly (social media will match the data you upload with their profile on social media).

Available on social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.

  • Lookalike Targeting

Target new people whose profiles are similar to your targeted Audience. Lookalike targeting helps businesses grow their targets to reach new people. Of course, with similar interests. Lookalike Targeting can be a fantastic customer acquisition tool for companies looking to acquire new customers through social media advertising.

Available on social media channels: Facebook and LinkedIn.

Improved Conversion Tracking

With all the new options for targeting users, tracking the performance of your social media advertising campaigns is even more critical. This ensures that the costs you incur are well-targeted and converted.

The type of advertising that you do is quite diverse. For example, the pay-per-click of people landing on your website, then measuring the success of your ad.

For this reason, social media now offers a Website Conversion Tracking feature.

Social media advertising encourages users to take measurable actions, such as buying a product or registering.

It can be measured how effective the ads are in making conversions.

Of course, this can be done as long as you configure the ads correctly. Conversion tracking requires adding tracking code to the pages of your website where the conversion will take place. Thus, it requires a bit extra technical skill and effort.

Don’t worry if you are having trouble, don’t worry because social media will provide the tracking code. You only need to put it on your website page, which will only appear to users who convert something, for example, on the thank you page.

Conversion tracking will help your business put in place and create a good advertising strategy.

If an ad receives a lot of clicks but doesn’t generate any conversions, then the ad is just a wasted investment. This information will allow you to further optimize your ad copywriting and targeting.

This is what causes social media advertising to continue to grow.

Various features continue to be developed in social media advertising, making it easier for you to create ads that match your target. From the social media side, they are also happy because they get revenue from this advertisement. Social media users are still growing. Even new ones are popping up.

That means your target market is getting wider.

After you understand the concept and the big idea, now is the time to take advantage of this concept by applying it directly.