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Use the Email Marketing Application to Increase Sales

By Venu Goud , in MARKETING , at February 11, 2023 Tags:

In today’s technological era, almost everyone has an email in addition to being used to send and receive messages, and it is now widely used as a marketing tool. An email marketing application is a method of marketing a product or service via email. This method is familiar in the world of marketing. Even for marketers, as many as 82% of marketers worldwide say email is their main way to increase leads and conversions.

Advantages of the Email Marketing Application

Not without reason if this method is widely used as a marketing strategy by marketers. Because promoting a product or service via email marketing has several advantages, including:

More Personal

By using email marketing, the messages sent are more personal and will get more attention from the recipient.

Faster and Practical Promotion

Using an email marketing application is faster and more practical than other promotional means and can be sent when and where without waiting any longer.

Can Build Communication with Customers

By providing product information directly. When consumers are interested in the promos offered, there will be interaction, as a start to building good relationships with consumers, for example, giving each other good advice for the development of the business we run.

More Cost-Effective

Compared to other forms of marketing, of course, the email marketing method will be more cost-effective. You don’t need to pay for bigger advertisements.

Fairly Easy to Share

Promotions sent via email marketing can easily be shared back by consumers with other friends. This one, over time, consumers will also increase.

Optimizing Email Marketing Applications

Email marketing is very easy to use. To make optimal use of it, there are several steps you can try.

For the first step, you must choose Email Market Tools by subscribing. But make sure you no longer need to send one email at a time. You can also take advantage of other features such as templates, email tracking, and contact management. 

Make your business email by including the company name and looking professional to promote your company brand as widely as possible. Also, to prevent incoming spam messages. Creating a business email can be free or paid at a fairly low cost.

Import contact lists and contact groups. Send mass emails, choose a template, enter the message content and subject, and send it either directly or on a scheduled basis. Equally important, after sending a message, monitoring can be seen through the graphs and tables of your business email. 

4 Email Marketing Applications

Many email marketing applications are used to boost sales. Email marketing has many advantages and good efficiency for sales growth. Here’s an email marketing application that you should know.


Millions of business people widely use this application spread all over the world. Even more tempting, this application can also be obtained for free. So for those who are just starting out marketing using email applications, this is an application you can try.

MailChimp has a variety of features that you can use. This application also has an automatic setting feature that directly connects your connection with the audience.

When you connect MailChimp with an online store, you will get automatic features to increase sales. The information shared, for example, is in the form of the latest product information, etc.

With the MailChimp application, you can also evaluate at any time. Because this application provides reports or reports based on customer / online visitor data, you can update campaigns from your products if the results are not optimal.


With the Drip email marketing application, you can get to know your customers better in campaigning for your products because Drip connects millions of customers and features them across all channels in product campaigns and emails.

The existence of a lead scoring system in this application allows you to identify customers as the best leads so that this system can help you collect data based on a certain level.

When experiencing problems using the Drip application, you can visit the knowledge base with various information you can read.


An application with various interesting features, of course, so you can easily campaign for the products you sell in this application. As a first step, collect contact data using the form generator tool.

When using Aweber, you can choose an existing template and choose a unique, beautiful design that matches the sales vision and mission so that customers will be interested later in the campaign that is created. Also, add custom fields to provide more information to customers.

Aweber is also equipped with a tracking or tracking feature, which is very useful for analyzing every action a contact takes. So you can see reports on who received the email, opened the email, clicked, or how many followers. Evaluate the information received to make policies that will be carried out later so sales can increase and be profitable.

Active Campaign

It is an automatic all-in-one marketing tool with a variety of sophisticated features. To get the components in question, you can choose an existing package. If you select the lite package, you can use the in-line registration form to collect email contacts.

Active Campaign email content can be arranged and managed according to your wishes and needs. The choice of the template must be thought out from the beginning so as not to regret it later. Do not let it when it has been running for a long time and is suddenly replaced for some reason. If necessary, use an email editor to help you manage existing content’s appearance.

When a new customer arrives, welcome it by sending a series of emails through the automation map, and create a message that describes as much detailed information as possible that describes your product. Make it as interesting as possible so that customers are interested and remain loyal.