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Let’s get to know what is Virtual Private Network?

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In the digital era, communication through computer networks plays an important role. Data security is the protection of data in a system against unauthorized authorization, modification or destruction and the protection of computer systems against unauthorized use or modification. A virtual Private Network or so-called VPN is a secure way to access a local area network within range, particularly by using the internet or other public networks to transmit packet data privately.

Benefits of using a Virtual Private Network

  • Confidentially

VPN technology is a technology that utilizes public networks, which are, of course, very prone to data theft. For this reason, VPNs use encryption methods to randomize passing data. With this encryption technology, data security is guaranteed. Even though there are parties who can intercept data that passes through the internet and even the VPN line itself, it is still being determined if they can read the data because the data has been scrambled. It is intended so that a group of authorized users can only access the transmitted information.

  • Data Integrity

The data has travelled very far across various countries through the internet network. During the trip, multiple disturbances may occur to the contents, whether lost, damaged, or manipulated by people who are not supposed to. In VPN, there is a technology that can maintain the integrity of the data starting from the data sent until the data arrives at the destination

  •  Origin Authentication

VPN technology can authenticate the sources of sending data it will receive. VPN will check all incoming data and retrieve information from the data source. Then, the data source address will be approved if the authentication process is successful. Thus, a VPN guarantees that all data sent and received comes from the right source. No data is falsified or sent by other parties.

How Does a Virtual Private Network Work?

VPN works by creating a network within the network (often referred to as tunnelling). Tunnelling aims to generate private connection paths by utilizing other network infrastructures.

For example: To connect between 1 PC and another, VPN requires a VPN Server, which can be a computer with a VPN Server application. The computer with the VPN Client application will then contact the VPN Server, the VPN Server will then verify the username and password, and if successful, the VPN Server will provide a new IP address on the client computer. Then a connection/tunnel will be formed.

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Common problems in Virtual Private Networks

  • The computer’s default internet network heavily influences VPN. If access to the program occurs slowly, the problem is the internet, not the VPN.
  • VPN cannot, or trouble is usually influenced by several factors.
  • Troubled internet network
  • Firewall of the computer
  • Troubled antivirus
  • Windows that has expired/expired
  • The application can’t, not necessarily the VPN is the problem, due to the server being repaired or dead.

Above are some explanations about VPN (Virtual Private Networks). This article can help to understand the growing technology better.