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Towards Digital Transformation of Business Processes, What are the Benefits of RPA Automated Robots?

By Venu Goud , in RPA , at February 13, 2023 Tags:

RPA Automated Robots
RPA Automated Robots

Before the coronavirus pandemic, digital transformation became very important for business continuity to deal with challenges arising from the pandemic and take advantage of its opportunities.

Globally, the majority of companies experience disruption in their business operations. Companies that first implement digital strategies are under pressure to move quickly in modernization and transform to be more competitive. At the same time, those still living in the past are forced to consider new business models.

“69% of Companies Taking Initiative Steps to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Business Strategy Due to Covid-19.” Survey May – June 2021 by Gartner – Information Technology Research Company

However, it’s not just the coronavirus pandemic that has forced companies to move forward using a digital transformation strategy. The following are other factors:

1. Fulfill and improve customer experience based on customer relationship management.

2. Preventive steps against competitors’ threats that are moving forward using digital strategies to offer innovative products and services with a versatile and convenient omnichannel model for consumers.

3. The need to activate business intelligence that lets one know client needs in real-time, identify preferences, personalize the customer experience, make timely decisions based on data, identify trends, and anticipate problems.

4. Participate in business ecosystems with suppliers, partners, and industries in the same field and even collaborate with competitors to present innovative products and services, open new business opportunities or reach new markets more quickly, utilizing the resources available in the ecosystem.

Digital Transformation is a major change in how companies provide high-value experiences to customers and increase their revenue, relevant changes, implementation of new technologies, understanding of culture, aligning processes to support new business and operating models, and effectively improving business performance.

“73% of Enterprises Have Paved Their Way Using Intelligent Automation Intelligent Automation 2020 Survey by Deloitte.

How does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Before talking about Intelligent Automation, we will first talk about how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps companies push the limits of their Digital Transformation.

RPA allows you to automate manual and repetitive activities using Digital Worker As A Service which is designed to execute sequential tasks, just like humans do, but with Digital Worker done in the shortest time, error-free and traceable origin and destination. Here are ten examples of the use of automated robots in different business management.

Improving Understanding Of Business

Thanks to the ability to process large volumes of transactions or tasks and to generate traceability information, in addition to increasing productivity and efficiency, RPA helps companies gain knowledge about their customers and the company’s operational performance where they can adjust their business strategy to react more quickly based on the generated real-time data by RPA robots.

Cheaper Cost of Complicated IT System Integration

Another RPA capability that makes it a top choice in Digital Transformation initiatives is the ease and speed of implementation with legacy systems and multiple platforms working on existing legacy systems in the enterprise. In many cases, enterprise management restricts merging new systems into existing IT systems. Companies for business digitization purposes due to cost or time reasons required to establish integration paths or even replace the platform.

Automated robots can interact with business applications like ITSM, CRM, HR, ERP, email, etc. Mimics repetitive and consistent human tasks to extract, manipulate, and transmit data by simulating a person’s activities based on an interface. Operate through programming, take advantage of high-level integration mechanisms through API interfaces provided by automated robot manufacturer DigitalWorker, to go directly to data sources, integrate information flows between disconnected processes, and facilitate process automation from start to finish.

Obedient and Consistent

Delegating repetitive work that consumes employee productivity to DigitalWorker automated robots helps minimize human errors and get consistent results in less time. If we talk about employee service management, for example, DigitalWorker robots can provide mechanical services independently without human intervention, ensuring compliance with the Service Level Agreement.

In addition, DigitalWorker’s automated robots can be programmed to record detailed information about activities performed to support compliance audits. They can automate the process of conducting them, reducing the effort and time required in the audit process.