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5 Effective Ways to Improve Network Security

By Venu Goud , in SECURITY , at February 16, 2023 Tags:

Network security is significant for all companies that use the Network daily to avoid various dangerous threats that might attack.

These threats can be cybersecurity, hacker threats, data theft, and many more. Not only protecting your company’s personal information, but network security can do more than that, making your organization more productive, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. Therefore, the security of this Network must be maintained to avoid dangerous things. How to improve network in your company? Here we have summarized five powerful ways for you.

Network Security
Network Security

Lock Access Point To Network

The first step is to lock the access point to the Network because There are many ways to access your Network. What is meant by closing the access point? The intent of locking an access point includes the following:

Configure the firewall correctly. It aims to limit the information that goes to your Network.

Furthermore, prevent people from using unauthorized external devices on your Network. It can prevent you from virus threats and data breaches.

Finally, limit people from accessing your network remotely through a VPN or other remote access software.

Network Security Assessment

The second step is to conduct a network security assessment. But before that, first identify what makes up your Network, such as servers, routers, computers, firewalls, switches, and others. This assessment should cover non-technical information, such as information gaps in the Network and technical insights, such as scanning information on the Network.

Document the Network Security Policy

Next, you must create policies that document technical and non-technical network security requirements. It includes quality control related to network hardware, conditions associated with authorized users and remote access.

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Set Up and Configure Network Devices

The next step is to set up and configure network devices correctly. Why? It is intended to maintain security. If not done correctly, security risks will arise, such as ports on the firewall opening the Network to the outside world that is left open. Also, network devices such as routers and switches can be a security risk if misconfigured.

Keep Monitoring Your Network

The last step below is the right solution for network security problems. With this final step, you can monitor the Network for 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about security issues such as hacker threats. IT staff and vendors will look for suspicious activity, cyber attacks, and security vulnerabilities in your Network when monitoring network security,

Those are the five ways to improve network security. If you want the ultimate solution for your network security, then NetMonk, a network monitoring application and network monitoring services, is the right choice for your company. You can see the full features of our products through our website here. If you are interested in PoC or other technical issues, don’t hesitate to contact our marketing team and technical support, who are willing to help you here.