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How to know how much a Pokémon card is worth?

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To know how much a Pokémon card is worth ? Surely, at some point, you have seen videos on YouTube in which Pokémon card packs were opened. And it is that, in recent times, the price of these has risen a lot. So much so, that there are maqui letters and miles of dollars. For this reason, if you have realized that you have a few at home or you have bought a few envelopes and you want to know how much money they are worth , that is exactly what we are going to explain to you.

How much a Pokémon card is worth ?

Not all Pokémon cards have the same value. And this is due to different factors that make a card have one price or another. Specifically, this is what will make it have one value or another: Rarity, if it is holographic and if it is a rare edition . Therefore, we are going to see each specific tribute that can influence its price:

First of all, if we go into the rarity tribute, there is a scale that fixes the rarity of the Pokémon TCG cards And, in this case, we are faced with the following forms: common rarity (Common Rarity) – Black Circle, Rarity Not Common (Extraordinary Rarity) – Black Diamond, rare rare (Rare Rarity) – Negrei Star Promotion Cards (Promo Rarity) – Word ‘Promo’ + Black Star Although this factor will be key when that letter stops being edited, that is, that It is not so easy to find it in the market.

Another important reason why a Pokémon card has one price or another is whether or not it is holographic . And it is that, within these letters, there are the normal ones and the ‘holo’ ones. They are different in terms of finish, since they have a specific shine. Within these, there are two types:

  • Reverse hologram : All the cards shine, except the Pokémon.
  • Holo rare : they are more difficult to find and it is the same as a normal one, but the Pokémon has shine.

Now we only have to know other editions or cards that have a higher price. In this case, we mean the following Pokémon cards: Ultra Rare (available in the EX/GX/V series), Full Art (a variant of the EX/GX series), and Secret Rare (distinguished by exceeding the number that comes at the bottom and may have a Shiny Pokémon).

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Discover the value of a Pokémon card

Once we know the tributes that can influence the Value of Pokémon JCC cards, it is time to know what a Pokémon card costs on our own. To do this, there are three steps that must be followed carefully to correctly find out its value. Therefore, this will be the process

  • Look at the date of manufacture On the front of the letter, right on the last line of printing, the date of manufacture must appear.
  • If there is no logo on the right side of the card, the card will be base, that is, a letter that has no special value. If it has a logo, you will find out which series it belongs to depending on which one, the price will be higher or lower.
  • With the previous data, it is time to find out how much Internet users pay a la carte Pokémon. You can go to eBay, for example, put the name of the Pokémon together with the information that we mentioned in the previous steps. In this way, you will be able to see the average price that tiproxima produces.

Although, you also have the option of going to the website Price chart: Pokémon TCG In it you can see a follow-up of the latest values ​​in which different cards have been auctioned on different auction websites internationally. So you can get an idea of ​​the Pokémon Prices .